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STARTEL is committed to providing transmission and access, information management, cable and connectivity, test and measurement, telecom OSP, statutory and customers’ requirements at all time

Civil Engineering

Starstel is responsible for; technical study for the construction of the sites; preparation of sites, construction of foundations shelters, cable ways and fence installation; Setting of site.

Software Engineering

Starstel is in charge of software programming according to precise specifications and in compliance with the standards in force. we take care of the technical design, coding, debugging and testing as well as the creation of documentation for the end user.

Our Vision

Create an information technology and technical services unique to our client and focus on providing a cost-effective solution to the telecom industry, civil engineering, application development and other institutions.

Somes Services

Transmission & Access

Provide software and hardware installation, integretion, testing and maintenance of RAN and Microware equipment.


Perform both corrective and preventive maintenance round the clock.

Electrical installation

Providing cost-efficient energy storage where high and deep cycle performances required.

Software Engineering

Build, designed web sites wihich increase your visibility communication with your customers.

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Assistances, advices and projet administration


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